My Excel 2013 Tutorials

Some of you may already know that I have been doing video tutorials on YouTube for several years now. Originally, I did tutorials on C++. But earlier this year, I started doing tutorials on Microsoft Excel 2013. There are a few reasons why I made the switch.

First reason is my career change. Although I’m still in technology, I have not used C++ to do much in over two years at the time. The only ‘C’ language programming I did was with the Arduino and unfortunately, I am still rusty with it. Ever since I started working at a college as a Technology Trainer, my Excel skills have skyrocketed, mainly because I did many in-person workshops for users; students, staff, and faculty.

Second reason is that I have become very familiar with Excel and I wanted to showcase it as well as teach others what I know.

Third reason, Microsoft Office 2013 was just released, even though most of Excel remained the same, the layout changed and some improvements were made and I thought it would be useful to showcase that as well.

If you want to view my Excel tutorials, you can either visit my YouTube channel’s playlist or visit the Easy Programming page here: Excel 2013 Tutorials

Also find the YouTube playlist here: Easy Excel 2013 Playlist by Nazmus

At this moment, I only have 5 tutorials up, making videos is very difficult when you work 60 hours a week. But I will try to get at least two or three more tutorials up by the end of the year (my upper goal is 5), let’s see if I can achieve that goal.

Enjoy the tutorials! If you have any questions, please ask in the the tutorials or use the contact form on my website at and ask.

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