Talk about a life event! On May 30, 2015, I officially moved from New York City to Boston. Why?

Well, I got a new job here. Where? At Harvard Business School! I am the new Learning Technologies Systems Administrator and I have been in this position since June 1st. Tomorrow is the official end of 6 weeks at this position. Time flies! I absolutely love the job and the people are amazing. I’ve been in higher education for a while and I’ve never met such a great group of people who work so well together. I never met a group of people where everyone is competent, it’s refreshing. If you’re reading this and you’re an old colleague, and you’re curious if I’m talking about you, feel free to reach out. To my new colleagues: I’m happy to know you.

I found a great place in Boston and so far, I absolutely love it here. I lived in NYC for most of my life. I was used to all the people and the subway and traffic, and after I moved to Boston, I realized just how much I didn’t like all that stuff. Boston is a much smaller city, much quieter, and it’s just more fitting. I’m not saying that Boston is better than NYC or vice versa, I’m just saying that Boston fits me and I fit Boston much better now that I’m semi-grown-up.

I’m still slowly moving from NYC, I drive back and forth bringing stuff slowly. Last weekend I brought my telescope and camera equipment. I’m ready to stargaze! Unfortunately, my area isn’t as dark as I hoped so I may have to find somewhere to drive out to sooner or later.

I’m still exploring Boston. I joined a Bowling league to pass some time and make some friends. So far, I met a few cool people. I plan on going back to school to get a second Master’s, perhaps something in technology this time.

I’m still settling in Boston. I don’t know many people and I don’t know how to get around without my GPS yet, but I’m a quick learner.

This is definitely the biggest life changing event in my life so far (since I’ve become an adult…). I hope to have a long career at Harvard, there is a LOT to learn and I love every second of it.

Next step is to update my About Me page because I no longer live in NYC.