The world has been uncertain for a few months. A little over three weeks ago, I was lucky that I started working from home. The government was extremely slow to react to this virus even though they had months of lead time. As a result, the United States has become number one in COVID-19 cases. As of today, we are at over 215,000 cases with 5,000 deaths. Most of these cases are from my home state of New York. I currently live in Massachusetts but I have family and friends all over New York City.

If you haven’t already started, please stay home. It’s the best course of action to flatten the curve. For more information on what “flattening the curve” means, check out this video:

What This Chart Actually Means for COVID-19

For more guidance about what to do, the CDC website has what you need:

Although every place should have a “stay at home” order, some don’t. To see what your state is doing, visit

You do not want to be another statistic or be responsible for passing on the virus to others. The Coronavirus pandemic is serious and should be taken seriously.

Stay safe everyone!

A total lunar eclipse is one of the most beautiful sights any one will see in their lifetime. Although it’s not as rare as a Solar Eclipse, it’s still magnificent.

I generally have terrible luck when it comes to astronomical viewing. E.g. the Perseids in August were covered by clouds.

But not this time! I was able to catch well over 1200 shots of the Lunar Eclipse. I put it all together in a neat little timelapse. Enjoy it!


On Sunday April 5th, I attend the New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits center in Manhattan. It was my first time attending an auto show and I must say, it was very much enjoyable. I had a lot of fun looking at all the cars that I can’t afford. Of course there are a few that I could afford, but it won’t happen for a while (maybe).

My favorite car was the Toyota FT-1. It’s the successor to the Toyota Supra and it looks awesome.

Toyota FT-1, successor to the Supra

Toyota FT-1, successor to the Supra

Toyota FT-1, successor to the Supra

Toyota FT-1, successor to the Supra

Here are some of my other favorites from that day:

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It looks like I hibernate from the end of Daylight Savings until it starts back up. Truth is, I have been extremely busy with other projects and had to put my little portal to my life on hold for updates.

But anyway, as the topic says, Daylight Savings starts up tonight. You know what that means…we lose one hour! I really hate losing an hour from my weekend. Daylight savings also messes with my astronomy because it adds sunlight to the end of the day. It’s not like I’ve been out stargazing lately, but still, I feel like I need to mention it.

Remember to set your manual clocks forward. And if you have digital clocks connected to the web, don’t worry. Happy Daylight Savings.

Today marked the end of Daylights Savings Time for 2014. I usually follow it but today, I did not even know about it until I woke up this morning. I should use the word ‘morning’ lightly.

I wake up and look at the clock on my wall and it’s 1:30 PM. But then, I look at my phone and it’s 12:30 pm! I saved an hour.

This just means that the sun will rise earlier and set earlier until Daylight Savings starts again in March 2015.

Remember to set your clocks back an hour! I am thankful for getting an hour of sleep without asking for it.

A few months ago, Google’s “Made W/ Code” had a special where you can order your own personalized 3D printed bracelet. There were so many possibilities, but I ended up writing my name. Thought it was appropriate for this website.

Well here it is:

3D Printed Nazmus Bracelet


I have always wanted a 3D printer and holding this little thing makes me want to get one even more. Just wish I had room to put one. While I wait to get more room (possibly move residence), I can wait for the price of 3D printers to go down.

Anyone else get the Made W/ Code bracelet?