So it seems that I have very little time available in my life to work on this side project of mine. Today is August 6, 2014 and my last post was roughly 10 months ago. I need to find some time to update this.

In the meantime, please check out my Easy Programming website for tutorials on C++ and Excel 2013 as well as Naztronomy for updated pictures of our wonderful universe.

The theme is called “Ajaxify” – thought I’d try out something other than the default twenty-thirteen WordPress theme.

I like the colors of Ajaxify, it’s simple, yet a little elegant.

I haven’t had much time to work on the website, but since it’s going to be a kind of personal portfolio for all my projects, I plan on having the website for a very long time. So expect slow updates.

Welcome to I am Nazmus. I have been waiting several years to grab this domain and it’s finally mine!

Here are some FAQs about me:

  • Who is Nazmus?
    • Nazmus is a nerd. Also a multi-hundredaire.
  • What does Nazmus do?
    • IT stuff
  • What does Nazmus like?
    • Computers, Astronomy, dirty jokes, candlelight dinners, and long walks on the beach.
  • What does Nazmus look like?
    • A nerd. Without glasses.
  • Why am I here?
    • Because Nazmus probably bugged you into visiting the site.

Website is still under construction. If you  have suggestions or questions, you can email me at