Finally found some time to edit the favicon of this blog, it’s just an orange ‘N’ which you can see in the browser’s tab/header. Probably won’t get any feedback on it but if you have any, feel free to share.

I’m not a designer at all so this simple thing took me almost half an hour of thinking and poking around Photoshop. This time does not include the 15 minutes I spent trying to get the right color and shade. Once I figured that out, took me about 30 seconds to create the file, upload the .ico file, and update the header file of the blog to include it in the design.

I’m always trying to do some work on this site, if you see anything broken or have any suggestions as to what I can do, feel free to let me know, I always appreciate feedback.

A few months ago, I set up a YouTube channel called Nazbotics. I have several published videos, they can all be found in the Channel. here is one that I am very proud of. This video is basically me controlling two servo motors remotely using two Arduino Unos. It’s very simple and it kinda looks like robotic arms. This is pretty much the precursor to how robotic arms would move.

I do have the code somewhere, but I improve on it in my later videos, be sure to check the channel for those. I’ll post them to this blog slowly to showcase what I’m learning in the world of robotics and Arduino. It’s fun and if you’re a techy like I am, I’d definitely recommend investing in an Arduino. Arduino Uno goes for around $33 on Amazon.

So it seems that I have very little time available in my life to work on this side project of mine. Today is August 6, 2014 and my last post was roughly 10 months ago. I need to find some time to update this.

In the meantime, please check out my Easy Programming website for tutorials on C++ and Excel 2013 as well as Naztronomy for updated pictures of our wonderful universe.

The theme is called “Ajaxify” – thought I’d try out something other than the default twenty-thirteen WordPress theme.

I like the colors of Ajaxify, it’s simple, yet a little elegant.

I haven’t had much time to work on the website, but since it’s going to be a kind of personal portfolio for all my projects, I plan on having the website for a very long time. So expect slow updates.

Welcome to I am Nazmus. I have been waiting several years to grab this domain and it’s finally mine!

Here are some FAQs about me:

  • Who is Nazmus?
    • Nazmus is a nerd. Also a multi-hundredaire.
  • What does Nazmus do?
    • IT stuff
  • What does Nazmus like?
    • Computers, Astronomy, dirty jokes, candlelight dinners, and long walks on the beach.
  • What does Nazmus look like?
    • A nerd. Without glasses.
  • Why am I here?
    • Because Nazmus probably bugged you into visiting the site.

Website is still under construction. If you  have suggestions or questions, you can email me at